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The Best Plumber in murray, Utah

Happy Pipes Plumbing is the right choice if you’re looking for an affordable Utah plumber. We are Murray’s best choice when it comes to plumbing services and we’re available to help you today, whether you need a plumber for residential or commercial purposes, Happy Pipes Plumbing can do the job!

Happy Pipes Plumbing, a locally-owned business in Murray, offers full service plumbing. Our master plumbers are experts in commercial as well as residential plumbing. We have over 15 years of experience and provide repair and emergency plumbing services. Happy Pipes Plumbing is available to assist you with all of your plumbing needs.

We value our customers and offer discounts to military personnel as well as seniors. We are proud of all the sacrifices you have made and the hard work that you have done for us. Now let us do the same for yours. We offer free estimates and guarantee that the job is done correctly the first time.

Happy Pipes Plumbing will be there quickly to fix any problem, including a broken faucet or leaking pipes. We also offer water heater installation and major septic tank repairs. Let us show what 15 years of high quality work in the Murray area can do for your business.

We provide plumbing services in salt lake county, utah county & Northern Utah areas

Here at Happy Pipes Plumbing we don’t just serve the Murray area! We serve many cities in Utah County as well as Salt Lake County, Davis County and Weber County. Our top priority is to be there for our customers so we have made ourselves available to many Utah residents and business owners. With Many years of experience and expertise in the plumbing industry, we specialize in trenchless plumbing and different water systems such as water filtration, water softeners and water heaters. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your water heater checked out! Many water heater failures can be prevented by regular maintenance. If you need any of your plumbing appliances serviced, give us a call!

We have plumbers ogden utah residents go to for their plumbing needs

Our skilled plumbers will install or replace pipes, sewer lines and sinks. All of our replacement work is done with the best materials so that you won’t have to worry about any problems. Ogden, UT residents: Happy Pipes Plumbing is your best choice! Our top-notch services are what make us stand out. Locals have faith in us! Every plumbing installation is done according to industry standards and manufacturer specifications. To ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of our work, we will also test it before we leave because our plumbers Ogden Utah, will provide you with the best workmanship. New Paragraph

Our plumbers in park city utah can solve any plumbing issue!

We understand that calling a plumber can be stressful. However, we are committed to making it as simple as possible. We are a local, small company that strives for long-lasting relationships with all our clients. We’ll make sure that you have a wonderful experience from the moment we answer your call to the time the technician completes the job. We hope that you will give us the chance to earn your business, no matter if you have a small issue or are looking for a solution to a larger problem. We are confident you will never look for any other plumbers in Park City Utah again!

Are you looking for plumbing draper utah?

Happy Pipes Plumbing is available to assist you with all your plumbing draper utah needs.

All types of projects are possible, including emergency plumbing and new construction. Our dedication to excellence has earned us a loyal customer base throughout Utah. We are known for our exceptional customer service and quality. Our unconditional satisfaction guarantee is available and we offer fair and transparent pricing. No matter how big or small your project, Happy Pipes Plumbing can get it done on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction.

Customers love the work our plumber west jordan does!

Your first step is to get an inspection and an estimate. This phase is a good time to shop around as many plumber West Jordan Utah companies offer free estimates. Happy Pipes Plumbing can take care of all your plumbing needs from simple household repairs to mainline and sewer repair. Happy Pipes can help you feel content if you choose to repipe your entire house. We have years of experience in handling difficult tasks.

Did you know that we are the #1 plumbers in sandy utah?

At Happy Pipes Plumbing, you are more than a customer-you’re family! Whenever Sandy residents call us, we are quick to get on the job and help solve every plumbing need. Sometimes plumbing emergencies happens and it’s hard to find a company that is available. With Happy Pipes, you can be sure that our technicians will get to you in a timely matter and get the job done right! Too often we hear about plumbing companies that cut corners and only provide temporary fixes. When you call us, you can be sure that we will complete the job with long last results and that is why we are the #1 plumbers in Sandy Utah!

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In this day and age we understand that prices for everything keep rising and we know that unexpected plumbing issues a can cause a financial burden to those who are unprepared. When Happy Pipes Plumbing serves you, we keep your budget in mind and only charge for what it is fair. Too many plumbers overcharge and have hidden fees. We believe in transparency and we are always upfront with our prices. You can be sure that when you call us, we will get the job done right so you can carry on with you life! Unsure of what your plumbing problem is? We don’t require you to be able to identify the problem in order to call us for plumbing repairs. We will inspect your plumbing system and let you know the signs. Our Plumber Riverton Ut residents rely on, is ready to serve you!

We Are The Plumber Orem Utah Residents Rely On For Water Filtration Systems

bottled water

"How safe is your public water?"

Asks our plumber Saratoga Springs

has been marketed by beverage companies as being “pure,” made from “pristine, natural resources” and thus safer than tap water. The success of bottled water marketing campaigns have made people skeptical about their tap water and bottled water sales have soared 700 percent between 1997-2005. From 1999 to 2017, the average per capita consumption of bottled water has risen from 16.2 gallons up to 42.1 gallons. Studies have also shown that bottled water is not safer than tap water.


are a better way to ensure that your family’s water is safe. A water filter is far more affordable and environmentally friendly than buying bottled water. This is what our Plumber Orem Utah has to say: you can reduce or eliminate contaminants that are most dangerous in your local water by choosing the right filter.

Water Regulations

places responsibility for setting national drinking water standards. The EPA regulates over 80 contaminants–including arsenic, e-coli, cryptosporidia, chlorine, and lead–that may be found in drinking water from public water systems. The EPA states that 90% of US public water systems comply with its standards. However, it is recommended that you use a water filter to ensure the safety of your water.


of the non-profit Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), found that 18 million Americans’ public water supplies have lead violations, or other EPA-restricted contaminants. These are legal limits or unenforceable suggestions limits and could pose health hazards to some residents. Public water can still carry contaminants even though it tests fine at the source. Rocket fuel, arsenic and lead were some of the contaminants found in city water supplies that were studied by NRDC.

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Water heater leaks may be the most common problem you will face. Water heaters will eventually leak. This is because water corrodes your tank and causes microscopic cracks. Whether your water heater is leaking quickly or slowly, it’s important to make sure that all of your plumbing appliances are running smoothly to ensure you conserve water and energy. 

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Rust deposits and a metallic smell when hot water is used can indicate rusty pipes, or rust within the water heater. Leakage is inevitable if corrosion is destroying the metal. Sometimes it can be hard to tell where the problem is stemming from, that why is Happy Pipes Plumbing is here so we can evaluate your plumbing system and help you get back on track!

Save Energy!

Replace your water heater!

Sediment buildup over time can cause damage to your water heater. Corrosive air is particularly dangerous. It can cause corrosion to your tank and even water heater failure. It’s important to make sure your appliances are as efficient as possible to save energy. If you need a water heater replacement, contact our Provo plumber Utah!

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Common Questions:

What does 'Thrust Boring' Mean?

Thrust boring refers to the drilling trenchless boring and jacking method for installing pipes and conduits. This method is useful in areas where excavations are not desirable, such as those with high ground-collapse risk or developed locations.

Thrust boring’s dual action of drilling and jacking is one of its most distinctive features. A cutting head-equipped auger is placed in a steel casing that is positioned against an entry pit wall. The cutting head rotates drilling the soil and removing spoils. A jacking rig pushes the auger and casing to the exit pit.

Once the steel casing and auger have reached the pit exit, the product pipe can be installed in the bore. Spacers can be used in areas where grade pipe is installed to maintain a consistent grade level. To ensure product pipe stability, cementitious grouting can be used to fill in the gap between the pipe and bore.

You can either direct or unguide thrust boring. Laser-enabled systems are used for guided thrust boring. This increases the accuracy of the installation. The camera-mounted pilot drill allows the operator to view the live feed and make hydraulic steering corrections so that the bore path stays on track.

How do Tankless Waters heaters work?

Tankless water heaters are available in electric and gas models, depending on which utility you use. The cold water from the tankless water heater unit will flow through your ground pipes to your water supply. This is where the water heater will heat your water using either a gas burner, or an electric mechanism depending on what utility you have.

A tankless water heater is instantaneous and does not require you to wait for your tank to fill up. Your water will heat up faster because of this. You can heat up to 5 gallons of water in a matter of minutes. You can heat up to 9 gallons of water by using a gas burner and your tankless heater in the same time window.

How long does a repiping take?

A full repipe can take from a few days to a week. Repiping smaller homes in two days is possible, but larger homes with many bathrooms may take longer.

It’s important to remember that you won’t be without your plumbing for the duration of this work. The majority of the work involved is building the new plumbing network along with the existing pipes. Only when the old system is being replaced by the new one, you will be without water.

Repiping a complete house is a major undertaking. This is a large investment both in time and money. In many cases, however, having your old pipes replaced by plumbers Layton Utah is a good idea or even necessary. These are just a few reasons why you might need to repipe:

  • Plumbing repairs and maintenance are a constant expense. New pipe networks can solve any remaining plumbing problems. A brand new system will save you years of unnecessary repairs.
  • Your home has lead pipes. Lead pipe are not a problem in newer homes (1920s or earlier). There are still lead pipes in some homes. There are serious health risks associated with lead.
  • Your home has galvanized steel pipes. Before World War II, galvanized steel was a common material in piping. After a certain time, galvanized pipe can become corroded. Water flow can be restricted when corrosion builds up and sediment can build up in the pipes.
  • Your remodel is underway. Replacing and doing a complete repipe can help you save time and money.