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All homes and businesses within the Salt Lake County and Utah County area can benefit from our repiping and pipe repair services. Our licensed technicians are trained to recommend the best services for you based on the state of your pipes. After performing an inspection, we can determine if repairs or repiping are necessary. If you are experiencing an emergency water leak, we are here to help! When is comes to repiping we use only the highest quality materials: copper or PEX depending on your preference. Your pipes will be up and running quickly!

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PEX Piping

This new type of plastic material is available at a very affordable price. It is lightweight and doesn’t corrode. This type of piping is popular with homeowners because it can withstand extreme temperatures and is very durable.

Copper Piping

This material can be recycled and is lightweight. It is resistant to corrosion so it requires less support. This is the best option for homeowners with limited budgets.

Pipe Bursting Utah

Pipe bursting is a process that expands existing pipes slowly using a cone-shaped burst head and pulls new piping material behind the pipe to replace it. This method is best for older underground lines that are misaligned or have collapsed. It can also be used to increase the pipe’s size if necessary. We are your local connection for Utah pipe bursting!

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