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Professional Water Softening System

Happy Pipes Plumbing is the best choice for water conditioning, water purification and water softening in Utah. 

We offer many services from water softener repairs to new installations. Our soft water solutions are provided by a local Utah plumbing company. We are friendly and locally owned.

Soft water will make water-using appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters last longer and work more efficiently. Soft water will make your hair and skin soften and shine. Soft water will make your soaps, shampoos, and body washes lather better and last for longer. You will save money by using less shampoo, body wash, and soap while being happy with better quality water.

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Soft Water Systems & The Benefits

There are many benefits to soft water. Soft water is better for pets and people. It also provides benefits for skin and hair when you shower. Soft water protects appliances such as plumbing, refrigerators and dishwashers. Both tank-style and non-tank water heaters are covered. Soft water allows for your water to flow more easily through your pipes. This results in financial savings and a reduction in maintenance. Water softening systems, regardless of their size, are a beneficial factor to every home!

How Water Softeners Work

The process of ion exchange is used to soften hard water. It removes the hardness of minerals from the water. Ion exchange takes place when hard water enters the water softening systems resin bed. Calcium and magnesium hardness ions are exchanged for sodium, which makes the water soft. Soft water is now available for your home.

Regeneration or cleaning must take place in order to keep your tank efficient and running smoothly. The resin beads are cleaned with salt during the regeneration process. The water softening can then be continued after the cleaning is complete.

Whole home purification Systems

Water purification

Water purifiers can be used to purify your water, baby formula, cooking water and water for your pets. Most contaminants are removed and minerals that are harmful to your body are dispersed by purifiers. Reverse osmosis is a method that removes lead, arsenic, fluoride as well as chlorine.
Water purifiers offer clean, clear, purified water that can be connected to your existing water supply. This will provide a seemingly endless supply of thirst-quenching water for your loved ones and friends. There are many options for sizes and designs that you can choose from to make your home look great.
Clean water is essential for everyday appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. Our bodies also require clean, safe and healthy water in our homes.
Does hard water damage appliances?
Damages from hard water can be costly to replace, and can cause a host of other problems. A water purifier can remove these elements from your water.
Water purifiers and filtration systems provide clean drinking water for your family.
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Whole House Water Purification

Whole-House water purification systems provide filtered water at every tap and shower in your home. This system filters water at every point of entry, making sure that all water is consistent in quality throughout your home and involves a whole house installation. This system gives you peace of mind as it eliminates harmful and irritating contaminants and it can deliver potentially safer and more healthy water. 

With a whole house water purification system, you can filter chlorine, chloramines and other contaminants to get cleaner, spring-like water at every tap. You’ll have softer skin and hair without the drying effects of chemicals. 

Enjoy the benefits of filtered water in your kitchen by making coffee and tea while enjoying the taste!

Water Facts

More than 250 contaminants are common in American drinking water. Even though your home water is controlled by the state or local governments it does not make it completely safe for drinking. 

A whole house water filter is crucial in helping to eliminate toxic contaminants that studies have shown to cause cancer and other health problems. With a whole house water filter, you can have the peace of mind that you are getting the purest water possible!

We have Experience with Water conditioning systems

During our many years of operation, we have installed thousands of water softener tanks and water purification systems across Utah. Our technicians are skilled at diagnosing problems and providing cost-effective solutions. Utah residents can avoid future problems by having our technicians repair their water softener tank or filtration system. If you feel your water conditioning systems may need maintenance, give us a call and we can come check it out!

Happy Pipes Plumbing offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are confident in our team’s ability to deliver the results that you require, and we will make sure that you are satisfied with our repair services.

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